Section 12 Bookdown

In this section we are going just touch on bookdown::bookdown_site, which is a custom “function” for generating multi-paged document, books, thesis and other documents.

12.1 Introduction

Thus far in this part of the book we have been using default site generation function

site: rmarkdown::default_site

Bookdown package provide another convenient function to build multi-paged book or alike documents by setting site key to the following value in our YAML _site.yml file. Let’s add the following code into our _site.ytml file and press “Build”

site: bookdown::bookdown_site

12.2 Masking files

As was mention previous, any files with an _ at the front won’t be included into our site. Since presentations are well suited for the book format, let’s suppress presenting.Rmd file using the following command. Alternative use point and click navigation in the “File” tab to rename the file.

file.rename("presenting.Rmd", "_presenting.Rmd")

12.3 Adding section headers

Let’s add a couple of section headers into index.Rmd and about.Rmd files and press “Build” again.

12.4 Bookdown skeleton

12.4.1 Apporach 1

This approach wont work on the desktop (and server) clients.

 └── New Project
Then select "New Directory" -> "Book project using bookdown"

Everything will be setup, including building tools. Once the project loaded press “Build” button

12.4.2 Approach 2

Since automatically starts as a RStudio project, we are not able to select which project “type” we would like. However we can exectu the following command, which will give the same overall results.